Children are a gift from God. Like everything good in life, they come from God and they belong to Him.

Babies are important to us and we recognize them with their families once each
quarter during the 10:30 a.m. worship service.

Baby Dedication for children two (2) months to eighteen (18) months old is held once each quarter during the 10:30 a.m. worship service and is for married couples or godparents who are members of The Fort Bend Church.

Guidelines for Baby Dedication 

      • Only the biological parents or legal guardian/s of the child may stand (participate) during the baby dedication ceremony.
      • Parents must be eighteen (18) years or older.
      • Request must be from married couples or godparents who are members of The Fort Bend Church.
      • Register for Baby Dedication online. 
      • Attend a one (1) hour Baby-Dedication Parenting Class. Classes will be held immediately following the 10:30 a.m. Worship Service on the 4th Sunday of the month prior to the date baby dedication is requested.
      • Failure to attend the class may result in forfeiture of the date requested for dedication and will require parents to re-register for a future date.


      • Baby dedication for single parents is considered on a case by case basis and may require a special meeting with the Pastor or designated staff minister.
      • Parents of the child must reside in separate households.
    • If the request for baby dedication is made by the child’s godparents, the godparents must be members of The Fort Bend Church. Written consent of both parents or guardians must be provided to The Fort Bend Church within 2 business days of making the request for baby dedication if the request is made by someone other than the parents or legal guardians of the child.
    • Parents and godparents MUST participate in the Baby Dedication Ceremony.
    • Baby Dedication Ceremonies will ONLY be held if parents AND godparents are present.

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