Spring 2021 Virtual Bible Study
Tuesday, February 9th

Connect 360: Living in the Spirit (Adults)

The Spirit. The Spirit of God. The Spirit of Christ. The Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of Grace. The Spirit of Promise.
The Spirit of Glory. The Eternal Spirit. The Comforter. The Counselor. The Helper. All names and titles for the Holy Spirit.

Teachers: Deacon Robert Blanton, Deacon Dana Perry, and Deacon Jubal Williams


Priscilla relates six characteristics found in Samuel that are applicable to women today as they tune their hearts to hear God’s voice. These characteristics are: A Simple Relationship, A Set Apart Holiness, A Still Attentiveness, A Single-Minded Worship, A Sold-Out Hunger, and A Servant’s Spirit. By listening to God’s voice and obeying Him, women will be drawn into a closer relationship to God that brings a deeper desire to serve Him faithfully. Leader’s Guide included in the Bible Study Book.

Teachers: Mrs. Alferma Giles, Mrs. Rosalind Lee, and Reverend Krystal Berry

Reading While Black (Young Adult)

Growing up in the American South, Esau McCaulley knew firsthand the ongoing struggle between despair and hope that marks the lives of some in the African American context. A key element in the fight for hope, he discovered, has long been the practice of Bible reading and interpretation that comes out of traditional Black churches. This ecclesial tradition is often disregarded or viewed with suspicion by much of the wider church and academy, but it has something vital to say.

Teachers: Minister Justin Williams, Deacon Roderick Manuel, and Mrs. Lethean Manuel

Virtuosity (Men)

In Virtuosity, authors Brian Mills and Donavan DeGrie, call out young men to not settle for a life of spiritual complacency and mediocrity, but to strive for excellence. In this 8-week experience, guys will be exhorted to live lives that are set apart in the areas of humility, discipline, grace, and more. Includes a foreword by four-time CrossFit champion, Rich Froning.

Teacher: Rev. Morris Gurnell

Raising Kingdom Kids

Most of us believe passionately in contributing to our children’s physical, social, and intellectual development. We make sure they have clothes and shelter. We try to see that they eat right, get enough sleep, and monitor their friendships. We also do everything possible to make sure they succeed at school. Featuring the inspiring teaching of Dr. Tony Evans, this six-week study calls and instructs parents to raise God-following children who are also spiritually strong and prepared to take on the assignments God has for their lives.

Teacher: Rev. Michael Haywood.