2019 Bible Study
JUNE 5 – 20, 2019 | FREE EVENT

What is TNC?

At The Fort Bend Church, we believe discipleship can and should happen primarily in the context of the local church. Our goal is to make the Bible and theology accessible to everyone through transformative learning environments within the church.

Where God’s Word is, there is God Himself, there God’s Spirit is at work,there God establishes His covenant, there He plants His church

Jesus > Religion?

will help readers abandon dead, dry, rule-keeping and embrace the promise of being truly known and deeply loved.

Teachers: Rev. Nash & Rev. Lane


This study is based on works of You’ll Get Through This by Max Lucado and The Life of David by alexander Maclaren.

Teachers: Rev. Caleb & Sister Woods


Are you struggling with breaking former habits?  In Paul’s letters to the Corinthians, he encourages them that they can live with resurrection hope and that God promised his sufficient grace to meet their needs.

Teachers: Rev. Woods & Deacon Chambers

The Explicit Gospel

This study looks at what the gospel is and what it is not.  Discover what the gospel does for believers after salvation.

Teachers: Rev. Gurnell, Brother Fisher & Sister Fisher

I will

Discover nine simple traits that you can incorporate into your life no matter your background, stage of life, or sense of capability.

Teachers: Rev. Hicks, Rev. Irving, Rev. Friar, & Sister Gurnell